Walking in Good Relations - Educator's Kit Presale


Walking in Good Relations is Nahanee Creative's first Sínulkhay & Ladders board game for ages 10 & up (but, of course we believe you can to decide the appropriate time & age to start unlearning colonialism). Designed with classrooms in mind, these Educator Kits provide a grounded foundation on which to start your classroom’s discussions on decolonization & indigenization.

Good Relations is a balanced way of being, a way of taking care of each other where every way of being is valued. Colonialism is the opposite of Good Relations, it is a system of cultural dominance that continues to erase Indigenous languages and culture. Unlearning colonialism can be hard to talk about, and even harder to take action and make meaningful change. That’s why Ta7talíya designed Walking in Good Relations, to expand the doorway to decolonizing practices with do's & don't mapped through solid actions, accessible language and encouragement to keep going.  

You'll start with redefining your relationships to the Land you're on and Host Nations who continue to steward those lands. You'll learn to take care of each other while learning different ways of seeing & knowing. You'll also apply critical frameworks when learning about UNDRIP, the TRC's Calls to Action and the importance of Cultural Empathy. 

Through Walking in Good Relations, (which is based on Snakes & Ladders), every ladder up is an opportunity to walk in the world, differently. Every Sínulkhay, the double-headed serpent, shares an opportunity to learn and grow. Sliding down the serpent is a chance to acknowledge common mistakes and learn from them, a first step toward walking in better relations with ourselves and others.

Each Educator Kit contains four or eight 26 in by 26 in vinyl game boards, dice & game pieces, vocabulary cards and a Teachers Guide to support educators in their critical role of sharing the teachings of Walking in Good Relations

(Kits will ship on December 15, 2021)

(At-Home Edition in the works!)