Cultural Protocols, Empathy & Safety (Bundle)


Welcome to Cultural Protocols, Empathy and Safety, an Interactive Introduction featuring short video talks with Ta7talíya-men Paisley and Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee. This three-part mini-course bundle is designed to inspire you to further your learnings with definitions and examples of what cultural protocols, empathy and safety look like in action. 

This bundle also includes a Cultural Safety Planning Template, worksheets, vocabulary sheets and additional resources to help you implement these important teachings into your life & work. 

How it Works 
Once you launch the course, you’ll have three days to complete. The course bundle will open on September 30 but  you can start that day then or anytime after. 

What’s included:

  • Personal Login Credentials, sent via email after purchase
  • For groups over 20, you’ll receive a spreadsheet template to list your participants for a custom group log in.
  • 72 Hours access (once you begin) to each course you purchase (each workshop can be completed in an hour or less)
  • Each course features short videos, downloadable reflection worksheets and resources, all accessible through the course dashboard
  • Technical Support