$12 from every Decolonize First workbook purchased in September will go towards a M̓i tel'nexw Leadership Transformation scholarship for Indigenous learners.  

M̓i tel'nexw Leadership Transformation is a 4-part online seminar designed to share teachings of Indigenous resilience that can be applied by everyone in every organization now, so you can unlearn supremacy and apply Indigenous teachings to your work. It is a 4-part experiential learning designed with an appreciative approach that responds to improving what we feel is lacking in “cultural competency” training. 

M̓i tel'nexw Leadership Society was founded by Chepximiya Siyam’ Chief Janice George, Skwetsimeltxw Willard ‘Buddy’ Joseph, Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee and Lloyd Attig to weave our Indigenous excellence in service of social change we see as an awakening.

We are excited to contribute funds from each sale of the Decolonize First workbook to M̓i tel'nexw Leadership Society in service of Indigenous Learners! If you are Indigenous and want to apply for a scholarship, here's the link to the form.

ps. the course is for EVERYONE and by LEADER we mean anyone who is courageous enough to stand up and ask what and how they can contribute to an equitable future.




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