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“Oki and hello Michelle! I have so many thoughts and reflections about this INCREDIBLE workbook… where to start!!

I have had an extremely busy and demanding past couple of weeks. And the kind of demanding that requires work of the heart. I love that kind of work though, because even when it burns my energy, I’m also being fueled by it. However, I also felt very tested about my capacity to do the work I am engaged in and I found myself questioning if I should even be doing this and feeling so demoralized at times.

The workbook arrived on the perfect day. I ordered a digital copy for myself and a paper copy as a gift. I felt so drained the day the digital copy arrived and when it came through I felt excited, but still exhausted, so I considered waiting to open it the following day when I had a chance to “reset”. But… I was SO excited and could not wait to celebrate the release of this and was SO excited for the launch party! So, of course I opened it and my exhaustion and anxiety was replaced with motivation and eagerness to dive back in. The colours, design work, language, beautiful cover page… everything sparked my fire back up. And I thank you for that. 

The workbook is such an incredible gift that you are sharing out there. I have been leaning into it all week. Its interesting to me because for some reason I felt like as I got deeper into the work of decolonizing that I would feel less discomfort as I build up stamina and bear witness… however, I honestly see these feelings showing up more and what is shifting is my reaction to discomfort and my ability to make visible systems like white supremacy and how they are operating. I am reminded that what I am really seeing and feeling is an ability to be in relationship with more than one way of being and doing. The decolonial shades and connect the dots are such powerful tools to help make sense of it all.”
Katie MacDonald, Calgary Foundation

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